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Kally® The Social Calendar is simple to use! Download the app, sign up with your mobile number and start immediately to create Kally® events with your friends!

What’s Kally®?

Kally® is a integrated calendar with chat and gallery to host video and photos which allows you to create and share appointments and events with your friends or to manage your private life.


Allow your friends to share your Kally® event! When you create an Event, you can allow your friends to invite more people!


Build them once, use them always. Let’s build a group from your contacts, only with Kally® you can save them and invite your friends to do the same. Everyone invited to an event, can easily save the group on their Kally® app.

Kally® is really simple to use.

Find out how it works!

Leisure, study, work ...
Kally® is multitasking, just like you!

Create, Invite, Chat, Share. Now in one app!

Kally the first social calendar.

The easiest way to organize your time.

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