Timeline: view your Kally® events along with your private appointments!

Sign up with your mobile number and get started right away to plan your Kally® events with all your contacts! Kally® automatically imports all your agendas of your mobile phone to have full control of your personal events that will be marked by a different color. You’ll have your day in your hands on a single screenshot!

With Kally® you can organize everything with everyone!

Kally® is perfect to organize your time with friends, family or co-workers! You can arrange your sport events with your friends and with the same group of people schedule your study sessions for your next exam! You can create a group for your family and organize every family event, even a WEDDING! You can schedule recurrent events, birthday parties (yes, even the kids’!)

Create a new event: send it to your friend and find out immediately who’s up for it!

Pick a date and time, add a photo, give a name to your event and choose who to invite. Only those invited can send their photos, messages and share them on social media but if your are the event organizer you can allow others to invite more people to the event! Start to build your groups and save them on Kally®. You can use the same group on multiple events, save time and focus on your next task.

Chat and gallery: so neat and cleaned up!

Messages, snaps and video stay within your Kally® event so you and your friends can live again the best moments of your night at any time! Everyone can contribute! Every participant can mark the event as declined, maybe or accepted and you’ll instantly know who’s in!

Leisure, study, work ...
Kally® is multitasking, just like you!

Create, Invite, Chat, Share. Now in one app!

Kally the first social calendar.

The easiest way to organize your time.

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